Connor Raus Talks Social Media on ABC

Posted on March 21st, 2011 by Connor Raus

Connor Raus was recently interview by EMMY award winning journalist, Mary Caraccioli for her new show, Mary Talks Money. Connor shared valuable social media tips for nationwide ABC and LiveWell Network viewers. Check out the segment below.

Connor Raus Presents for the Association of Authors’ Representatives

Posted on April 10th, 2010 by Connor Raus

Last night, Connor Raus presented a talk focused on social media and shared tips on how authors, agents and publishers could take advantage of popular social networks. The presentation was hosted by the Association of Authors’ Representatives at the Society of Illustrators. Yen Cheong of The Book Publicity Blog was also on the panel.

Below are a few photos from the event as well as the slides from the presentation.

Association of Authors’ Representatives Presentation on Social Media for Authors

BOWIE: A Biography Case Study

Posted on December 4th, 2009 by Connor Raus

Creative Technologist Connor Raus Brings New BOWIE Biography Into the Limelight

New York December 3, 2009 — BOWIE, a new biography by noted author and rock ‘n’ roll journalist Marc Spitz was released on October 27th, 2009 by Crown/Random House. Connor Raus, the marketer behind the book’s online success has just released a case study which details the digital marketing strategy.

When author Marc Spitz needed to draw attention to his new book “BOWIE: A Biography,” he knew what his publisher could and couldn’t do. That’s why Spitz turned to new media expert Connor Raus.

“Publishers specialize in drawing broad attention through traditional media,” explains Raus. “But Marc Spitz needed to target fans of David Bowie specifically. You can’t do that in magazines, radio or television.”

Through web analytics, Raus realized that a Bowie book was in big demand—there were over 20k searches a month for the term. On behalf of the author, Raus acquired a domain,, designed an intuitive website and began optimizing the site for search engines. Then he took it a step further by marrying the website to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

“Traffic exploded on the site almost instantly,” says Raus, “But I was shocked to see what an enormous impact we were able to make with social media.”

Before the book was even released, the author had over 1,700 interested fans on his newly-created email list, and over 500 pre-orders for the book. In just two months, Raus corralled over 3,000 fans to Spitz’s fan page on Facebook. Within a matter of weeks, Spitz had readers all over the world clamoring for his book—and he was able to sustain their interest even after the books release.” “Has anyone started reading the book yet?” the author asks on his BOWIE: A Biography Facebook Fan Page. Seventeen people immediately chime in with praise.

Following the wild success of Spitz’s digital strategy, major publishers and literary agents have sought out Raus’s expertise and have signed on in hopes of tapping into his social networking prowess. Although Raus is able to tap into readers, he still maintains that a book has to have the right kind of draw in order to work as a social networking phenomenon.

“Books that deal with a specific topic that we can find a large viable audience to connect with will initially fair much better than general interest books,” says Raus. “But every author needs to have a web and social presence regardless.”

BOWIE: A Biography Case Study